The Location

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is located in Morrison, Colorado, at a distance of about 16.5 miles from Denver. This famous location has been frequented by tourists for several years and continues to attract adventurers for the Red Rocks concerts April 2022.

How to reach Red Rocks Park Event?

There are several ways to reach this magnificent destination from Denver airport. Some of the most common and hassle-free ways are taking a bus or taxi or for a private car. For people who want to travel in comfort, the best option is to hire a Red Rocks Limousine Service.

We provide excellent offers regarding rental cars and limousines to travel from Denver to any nearby location including the red rocks amphitheater. This place is an open-air theatre that is carved out of completely natural red stones. The beautifully structured appearance of this amphitheater makes it the ideal place to have a memorable experience with your friends and family. 

The Experience

The best part about this location is its lively ambiance as several artists travel from across the globe to perform in this enclosure. The Red rocks events April 2022 event is no exception, with many famous performances by renowned artists, the amphitheater is ready to be booming with fans and tourists. This year 17 artists are set to perform in April which includes some prominent names in the industry like Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, and Nelly. 

List of Artists for Red Rocks Events April 2022

Here is the total list of 17 concerts announced in the month of April, 2022. The month starts with performing on the first of April. The tickets are available on the official website along with other details.

Porter Robinson, 1st April, 6 pm

Porter Robinson, red rocks concert
Porter Robinson, 1st April, 6 pm

Most events have been arranged in the evening, and Robinson’s is scheduled to begin at 6.00 pm. In case you miss him on the 1st, we got you. We will also be performing on the next day, which is the 2nd, scheduled at the same time! 

Boogie T, 8th of April, 6 pm

Boogie T,

Boogie T, a powerful performer and entertainer, is set to rock the Red Rocks with his electro dance music on the 8th of April, at 6 pm. Do not forget to grab your tickets for the Red rocks concerts April 2022.

Scotty Wiese Magic on the Rocks, 9th April, 7.00 pm

Scotty Wiese Magic
Scotty Wiese Magic on the Rocks

The next big event, Magic on the Rocks, is scheduled for 9th April at 7.00 pm. Famous magician, Scotty Wiese is well-known for surprising his audience with brilliant and unpredictable magic tricks. If you are looking for something out of the box, this event might be just what you need.

Gorgon City, 14th April, 6.30 pm

Gordon City - red rocks concerts april 2022
Gorgon City

The famous electronic duo, Gordon City, is scheduled to perform on the 14th of April, and brace yourself to lose in the mind-blowing beats of their music. 

Tyler Marenyi – NGHTMRE, 15th April, 6 pm

Tyler Marenyi
Tyler Marenyi

Tyler Marenyi, well-known as NGHTMRE, is a talented DJ and music producer, all set to perform in The Red rocks events 2022 on the 15th at 6 pm.

Kevin Gates & Gucci Mane, 16th April, 6.30 pm

Kevin Gates & Gucci Mane - red rocks concert 2022
Kevin Gates & Gucci Mane

If you are a fan of hip-hop and rap, Red Rocks have the perfect event scheduled for you. With Kevin Gates & Gucci Mane, performing on the 16th at 6.30 pm, get ready to groove to the beats of some amazing rap. 

John Mulaney, 17th of April, 3 pm and 7 pm

John Mulaney - red rocks concert 2022
John Mulaney

If stand-up comedy is your cup of tea, then you are in for a ride! Get ready to laugh your worries away with John Mulaney performing on the 17th of April at 3 pm and 7 pm.

Wiz Khalifa and Trippe Redd, 18th April, 6.30 pm

Wiz Khalifa and Trippe Redd - red rocks concert 2022
Wiz Khalifa and Trippe Redd

One of the biggest rappers and artists of the current music industry, Wiz Khalifa and Trippe Redd is all set to rock the hearts of their fans at the Red rocks concert 2022  on the 18th at 6.30 pm.

Ice Cube and Cypress Hill, 19th April, 7 pm

Ice Cube and Cypress Hill - red rocks concert 2022
Ice Cube and Cypress Hill

Pepper, Method Man & Redman, 20th April, 4.15 pm

Pepper, Method Man & Redman - red rocks concert 2022
Pepper, Method Man & Redman

Subtronics, 21st April, 6 pm

Subtronics - red rocks concert 2022

Galantis, 22nd April, 5 pm

Galantis - red rocks concert 2022

Lotus Band, 23rd April, 6 pm

Lotus Band - red rocks
Lotus Band

Dom Dolla, 24th April, 6.30 pm

Dom Dolla - concert 2022
Dom Dolla

Ice Cube and Cypress Hill, Pepper, Method Man & Redman, Subtronics, Galantis, Lotus, and Dom Dolla are scheduled to perform on the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and the 24th respectively at different times, details available on the website. 

Ludacris and Nelly, 27th April, 7 pm

Ludacris and Nelly - red rocks concert 2022
Ludacris and Nelly

Trevor Hall & Citizen Cope, 28th and 29th April, 7 pm

Trevor Hall & Citizen Cope - red rocks concert 2022
Trevor Hall & Citizen Cope

Sublime with Rome, 30th April, 7 pm

Sublime with Rome - red rocks concert 2022
Sublime with Rome

The last four days of the month are set to be a blast with well-known artists like Ludacris and Nelly performing on the 27th at 7 pm, Trevor Hall & Citizen Cope performing on the 28th, and 29th at 7 pm on both days. The month will be concluded by Sublime with Rome at Red rocks concerts April 2022, scheduled to perform on the 30th at 7 pm.