Vail is an interesting and picturesque town located near the Denver airport. Located approximately 119 miles from the Denver airport, it roughly takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach this cozy little town. Vail has so much to offer to travelers and tourists. It has everything that tourists could look for in a hill station. From adventure sports like snowboarding, skiing as well as hiking to fly fishing, after riding from Denver to Vail, this wonderful town has it all. The no. of tourists visits Vail each year fluctuates depending on things like the weather.

Travelers flock to Vail ski resort with friends and family every year especially around the skiing season which begins in December. The town comes to life in winter as more and more tourists arrive. Skiing is the most common activity here and almost everyone loves to try it out. You do not have to be a skiing expert to try out this sport, if you want to learn, you may find instructors near ski resorts.

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How many tourists visit Vail every year?

The no. of tourists visits Vail each year is around 1.3 million tourists with the number going slightly up or down depending on the situation in Denver. Even after the pandemic, Denver has taken all necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure tourists do not suffer from any problem. Resorts and lodges have reopened and Vail is ready to welcome travelers again. The area is more crowded in winter due to the main attraction of this beautiful ski area, which is skiing, as it can only be enjoyed in winter. However, the town remains quite busy in summer as well. As many as 650K travelers visit Vail in summer to enjoy the breath-taking views of the bright blue sky and gorgeous town.

Even though millions of people visit Vail throughout the year, the town is always prepared and equipped to welcome even more. The economy of this area and Denver as a whole depends heavily on tourism and needless to say Vail contributes substantially. No matter how many tourists visit Vail every year, this town never loses its touch.

Is Vail worth the hype?

If you are looking for a warm and lively place to visit for your vacation, Vail is the perfect spot for you. It has luxurious and lavish resorts, the famous Vail Ski Resort. You may also explore the authentic mountain cuisine of the area, food prepared from vegetables and meat sourced locally. Once you step in Vail, the possibilities are endless. You will find yourself discovering more than what you imagined, and it only gets better. This is why such a huge no. of tourists visit Vail each year.

If you are not into skiing, Vail is much more than this adventure sport. There are beautiful nooks and corners to discover in the mesmerizing town. You will not be disappointed with the gorgeous views that this town offers. Mountains covered in sparkling snow in the distance, with the bright blue sky as the backdrop is a scenery worth witnessing.

Final Verdict

United Limousine Service said “Vail is the perfect location to take a vacation if you want to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. It will surprise you with exciting views and adventurous activities at every moment, a truly eventful vacation. Despite how many tourists visit Vail every year, it will always be prepared to welcome you with open arms”.